Residential Break and Enter/Burglary

Your home has many valuable things in it, and potential harm can come to both you and your belongings. Ensuring your home is secure is a must,
and we do that by providing you with the best residential door repair services.
Break-Ins & Forced Entry Damage - Front doors and sliding doors are generally the most common access point for a burglar. We provide a
number of solutions for broken/damaged doors and will replace your door if necessary.

If you are looking for more information on securing the entry points of your home, ask about our preventative door security solutions. We offer
high security doors, door frames, hinges and locking mechanisms; designed to keep your space as safe as possible.

To beef up your home security now, give us a call for door repair and locksmith services at (416)-562-7434 for 20 minute emergency response
time, anywhere in Toronto.