Flush Bolt Installation, Repair, Replacement

A Flushbolt is commonly used on commercial, residential, patio doors, and especially French doors.
In the French double door style, one of the doors becomes inactive.. At such time, the inactive door can be fit with the flush bolts to keep it secure.

    Flushbolts can get jammed or stuck in place, this happens because the door is not frequently used and weather conditions can also affect the flush bolt.
    Installing an automatic or manual flush door bolt requires expertise. One bolt has to be placed and installed at the top of the door, and another at the bottom. The middle part of the door is installed with a dead bolt. For this process, we need to drill holes for screws, and place base plates on the holes, then tighten the screws.

If you wish to install a flush bolt on your French doors, or need to repair or replace any flush bolt parts, latches, or base plates, call us today at (416)-562-7434