Commercial Break and Enter/Burglary

  • Break-Ins & Forced Entry Damage - Front doors and sliding doors are generally the most common access point for a burglar. We provide a number of solutions for broken/damaged doors and will replace your door if necessary.

    If you are looking for more information on securing the entry points of your home, ask about our preventative door security solutions. We offer high security doors, door frames, hinges and locking mechanisms; designed to keep your space as safe as possible.

  • Disaster & Environmental Door & Garage Door Repair - Our homes and offices are built to withstand the elements, but extreme weather conditions can cause damage to our properties. Wind, rain, hail & snow can call pose problems to doors and garage doors.

    Give us a call today for any weather related damages. (416)-562-7434

  • Accidents/Wear - There are many parts to a door that can defect over time or by accident. Bent weather-stripping will allow unwanted air into your home; causing an impact on heating, cooling and air quality while a loose reinforcement plate will decrease a doors resistance to forced entry. Repairing and replacing door parts are our specialty. Give us a call, or fill out our Contact Us form for general inquiries.
  • Vandalism - Amongst filing reports and trying to find those responsible, we realise that you may need any repairs done as fast as possible. Protecting your home or office is the top priority which is why we offer special emergency service for homes & business across Toronto and the GTA. Call 911 Door Repair at (416)-562-7434.