Door Repair and Replacement in Scarborough

You may be suffering from one of several door issues, let us fix or replace your glass, wooden, metal, patio, or screen doors of your home as we’ve done for thousands of homeowners around Scarborough. We’re the #1 Door Repair Company in Toronto for a reason.

Do not let these issues below bother you, we can fix any of these common problems:

  • Lock Cylinder Turns
  • Lock Does Not Latch Properly
  • Door Hinges Plates are Damaged or Out of Plane
  • Door is Uneven
  • Door is Completely Damaged or Broken and Needs to be Replaced
  • Door Frame is Rotted or Damaged
  • Door Weather Stripping
  • Broken Dead Bolts & Door Locks
  • Door Sticking / Jammed

Waiting any longer to have your door fixed can be a mistake, it leaves you susceptible to residential breaking & entering, Call (416)-562-7434 today and we’ll respond to any emergency door repair within 20 minutes!