No matter what part of Don Mills you live in, you may be experiencing a problem with your door at this moment. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. We’ve repaired and replaced hundreds of doors in the Don Mills area.

Common door problems include:

  • Door Jams
  • Floor swelling due to water damage, causing your door to be unevens
  • Improper Locking, Broken Dead Bolts & Locks
  • Rotted Door Frames
  • Door Latch Damaged or Broken
  • Improper Door Alignment
  • Damaged Weatherstrip
  • Door Hinges Plates are Damaged or Out of Plane
  • Any unknown problems on doors that may arise

Leave the job to our door repair contractors, don’t try to do it yourself, as you could end up costing a lot more long term damage to your home.