Door Replacement Services At Thornhill

It is common for homeowners living across areas in the greater Toronto area to suffer from common door problems. This is due to the harsh weather conditions in Canada which affect your door more than any part of your house, as well as regular use over time, as well as the age of your home and door. Thus, we will handle any variety of door replacement and door repair in Thornhill for you, such as:

  • Trim doesn't fit flat on the jamb or wall
  • Trim has a gap in the front
  • Door contacts stop unevenly on latch side
  • Warped or warping door
  • Floor is not perfectly level
  • Misaligned bottom wall plates
  • Squeaking door
  • Loose hinges
  • Door rattles when closed
  • Lock Cylinder Turns
  • Lock Does Not Latch Properly
  • Door Hinges Plates are Damaged or Out of Plane
  • Door is Uneven
  • Door is Completely Damaged or Broken and Needs to be Replaced
  • Door Frame is Rotted or Damaged
  • Door Weather Strippingv
  • Broken Dead Bolts & Door Locksv
  • Door Sticking / Jammedv
  • Door Weather Stripping
  • .. and many more!

So, if you have any problems like this, just call us at (416)-562-7434 - we’re your local door repair Thornhill professionals.