Door Repair and Replacement in Pickering

Are you thinking of repairing and replacing your doors? Have us run a full diagnosis on your doors to solve any issue we see. Out of all the parts of your home, doors sustain the most damage, and wear and tear over time due to frequent use.

We’ve helped hundreds of homes in Pickering by repairing and replacing damaged, broken, stuck, or jammed doors. If you need help to ensure that your home is burglar proof, we also provide Locksmith services including key replacement, high security locks, surveillance, and much more.

The following problems can arise with your door, which we will need to diagnose and fix:

  • Door Latch Misalignment
  • Door Knob Loose
  • Door Lock and Key Problems
  • Lock Cylinder Stuck In Door
  • Door Hinge Plates Out of Alignment Causing Your Door Not To Close Tightly
  • Door Is Uneven
  • Door is Completely Damaged or Broken and Needs to be Replaced

These issues and many others may arise, if you have any problems with your door Call us today at (416)-562-7434 for 20 Minute Response Time, anywhere in Toronto!