Door Repair North York

Firstly, we diagnose any issue you may have with your door and provide you with the exact solution to your problem, whether it’s broken dead bolts & door locks, rotted door frames, weather stripping, your door jamming or getting stuck, or you need your hinges and handles repaired & replaced. We’re here to provide you with the #1 door repair and replacement service in North York.

  • Residential or Commercial Repair: We repair or replace any type of steel, metal, wood, glass, patio, or screen doors.
  • Repair Broken Dead Bolts & Door Locks: We ensure your home is completely burglar proof. Weather stripping will decrease a doors resistance over time, making forced entry for burglary easier, and we repair and replace the exact door parts necessary to reinforce your door.
  • Disaster & Environmental Door Damage Repair: While your home or office exterior can withstand dangerous weather elements; doors can take the bulk of the damage and wear and tear of winter. We diagnose the issue, and repair or replace your door immediately.

We’ll handle all door repair and replacement issues whether it’s residential, commercial, patio, screen door, or garage doors. Call us today at (416)-562-7434 for 20-minute response time emergency door repair service.