Leaside Door Repair and Replacement

We’ve been providing Door Repair and Replacement to homes in Leaside for well over a decade, as well as the rest of the GTA and Toronto.

Currently, we’re the #1 Door Repair Company in Toronto, as well as on top of Google listings across the GTA.

We want to permanently extend the lifespan of your door, to ensure that your home is safe from breaking and entering, harsh winter elements, and to mitigate any future damage to your door.

Common problems we run into with doors include:

  • Door Jams
  • Floor swelling due to water damage, causing your door to be uneven
  • Improper Locking, Broken Dead Bolts & Locks
  • Rotted Door Frames
  • Door Latch Damaged or Broken
  • Improper Door Alignment
  • Damaged Weatherstrip
  • Door Hinges Plates are Damaged or Out of Plane
  • Any unknown problems on doors that may arise

Call us today at (416)-562-7434 for the most professional door repair service in Leaside, and avoid any future occurrence of the same problems to your doors.